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This is a short little article about a Twitter encounter I had with someone that I’ve been watching slip slowly into the murky mire of self-righteous lunacy. I won’t name him; however, if you follow me on Twitter then you already know.

I’ve read about crazy tweets and Facebook statuses after the Newtown murders. I’ve seen the “Kill all NRA members” and “We should shoot the leaders of the NRA” on Twitter. Never from anyone that I follow, mind you. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t follow someone so deranged and ironic. The idea that a gun rights organization is responsible for the murders at Sandy Hook and not the actual killer is crazy to me. Well, apparently, I was wrong.

I discovered that I follow a twit on Twitter. Like I said, I had been watching him slowly lose his mind over the last year. I chalked it up as temporary election year insanity. However, the other day, he tweeted the following:

NRA = Not Really American. NRA = Non Rational A-holes. NRA = Nonconnected to Reality or America. NRA = Not Really caring about Anyone.

I responded with the following tweet:

NRA = Necessary Rights Advocates

The twit in question is, for lack of a better term, all up in arms over the NRA’s press conference. During the press conference, the NRA called for police officers in every school and armed faculty. We already know how I feel about that. If you don’t then go read Tragic Knee-jerks. However, unlike the twit, I understand the art of negotiation and that is exactly what the NRA is probably preparing to do.

I am not a member of the NRA, but I believe that the NRA is necessary. The primary focus of the NRA is education (learn more about the history of the NRA here); however, it has grown to be a formidable second amendment rights advocate out of necessity.

Aside from the education and hunting programs that the NRA offers, the organization fights for the rights of every American to bear arms. Here is why the NRA is necessary: if the NRA does not fight for your rights, who will? Make no bones about it, if the government and our leaders had it their way, they would take every gun out of every hand. Unfortunately for them, the second amendment was written to protect we the people from those that lead. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, something that our forefathers understood all too well. They wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again.

With regards to the art of negotiating, the number one rule is to propose more in the hopes of receiving exactly what you want. For example, if you want $100 for something, you ask for $200. The negotiating parties go back and forth until they reach an acceptable term and, hopefully, it’s $100. Doesn’t always work out well for both parties, but it’s a tactic, nonetheless.

The NRA is setting the tone for discussions on Capitol Hill. In the end, what will most likely happen is some variation of an assault weapons ban and a gun show loophole being filled. The assault weapons ban will be reworded and will have very little impact on present gun sales. They first have to define an assault weapon. The gun show loophole should be filled and the NRA knows this. Congress will feel like a winner as they’ll get something done and believe that they showed the NRA who’s boss by bucking their cop in every school and armed faculty proposal, and the NRA will feel like a winner, because they know a cop in every school and armed faculty would never happen. The art of negotiation 101.

If I’m right, I’ll look like a genius. If I’m wrong, then I’m just another shmoe with an opinion. I’m happy with either outcome.

So, why all the hubbub, bub? Why call a nameless nobody out on the carpet for some stupid tweet? Because, I hate, yes hate, responses like the one I received after my tweet. The twit tweeted back:

@gwallison I’m blocking with you because you’re obviously delusional AND you like guns — bad combination, but maybe medication can help.

That was his response and typo! He blocked me and he was patronizing. Rather than explore, he dismissed, tagging himself as an unreasonable lunatic with delusional self-righteous pontifications! As we know with how I handled the Joe Citizen comments from Tragic Knee-jerks, I cannot stand for such things. I immediately shot back:

Well, that’s a reasonable, mature, & acceptable way to handle your disagreement. Good luck with those knee-jerks you suffer from.

I also sent a tweet calling him a douchebag, hash tagging douchebag. Yes, my maturity is in question, but I did know I was being immature. The twit was sincere. Therein lies the difference. And, yes, I know I’m justifying my own knee-jerk reaction. I am very self-aware of my own duality, thank you.

Anyway, the twit has also tweeted several times calling Hollywood out on the carpet, specifically naming Schwarzenegger and Cruise. Here’s the kicker. The twit is a screenwriter! He works in Hollywood. He wrote an Iraq war screenplay! With guns and killing, I’m sure! Gasp! I guarantee that his script’s hero shoots a gun, or maybe they fight the war with knives instead. I don’t know. He’s just pissed because Tom Cruise won’t make it probably.

The point is, the twit is a twit because he thinks blaming the NRA for gun problems is the answer. That’s like blaming McDonald’s for obesity, blaming Ford for car accidents, crediting Disneyland for imagination, or alcohol for alcoholism. You eat too much! You drive too fast! You began imagining as soon as you were able to put a thought together! You buy the booze every day! People like the twit I used to follow on Twitter spend their whole life blaming everything for all of life’s problems, never looking in the mirror or holding people accountable.

Dear Twit,

There are laws in place already to let the bad guys know that what they are thinking of doing is bad. They still do bad things. I know you’re thinking of a gun-free utopia, but that’s a fantasy land, man. Gun owners are right. If you take all the guns off the streets, then only the bad guys will have them. Look at Australia. Want further proof? It is illegal for American citizens to be in possession of drugs. Get a clue, honcho. Take a break from that ivory pedestal you like to stand on. Actually think for a moment before reacting. Reason all possible outcomes. You’re a writer, for crying out loud! Act like one.


A delusional gun lover

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