Under Pressure!

Pressure: the action of a force against an opposing force.

We all have experienced pressure in our lives. Whether at work, at home, or on a theme park ride, pressure is always the same. It’s, as Merriam-Webster writes, the action of a force against an opposing force.

In my humble opinion, one that has been nurtured with years of pressure and reflection, there is no such thing as bad pressure. There’s too much pressure, which ends in bad results, but the pressure itself is not bad. The result of pressure does not solely depend on the pressure, but it relies on the opposing force, as well. Think of it like a stream of water blasting against a brick wall. Is it the water that eventually breaks through, or is it the brick wall that eventually gives way?

So, how are you opposing your pressure? Are you still doing the same thing everyday, hoping for a different result? That’s the definition of insanity, or so they say. I’ve yet to actually find that particular definition. Who said that anyway?

What I’m getting at is that you have the power to choose your own result of that unwanted, yet everlasting pressure that seems to never give up. All pressure is the same. It’s just pressure. So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to whine and cry or are you going to take control?

Four ways to deal with pressure:

  1. Redirect it. Make it someone else’s problem. Not all pressure needs your attention, Mr. I Have The Weight of the World On My Shoulders. Take a break, Superman. Go to the Fortress of Solitude.
  2. Push back. That’s right, push back. Show that pressure who’s stronger. Make it think twice before coming back at you again.
  3. Spread it out by making yourself bigger. Evenly distribute that pressure so it’s not as overwhelming. Learn to compartmentalize. It’ll save your life.
  4. Give in. Yep, I said it. Give in. Maybe that pressure is trying to apply much needed change in your life. Open your eyes and know when to throw up your hands and surrender.

These are four things that you can do to get pressure to do what you want. Yes, even the fourth one is a way to get it going in the direction you want. You’re making the choice to give in and go with the flow, aren’t you? The one thing that you cannot do is ignore pressure. That’s bad. For that is when pressure becomes too much. When you ignore, the pressure grows stronger and eventually, like the brick wall, you break.

What are some other ways to deal with pressure?

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