Women in Combat – Yo! Jane!

It’s official. Women will now be entered into combat units as fighting soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen. Yes, that means that women shall now share a foxhole, bleed, and fight for their lives on the frontline of America’s wars. Congratulations, ladies!

I’m not sure of the reason. I suspect it is so the government can draw from a larger pool of young people in order to build its fighting force and ship off to some foreign land to die. Think about it. The government just increased their potential fighting force by fifty percent! That’s huge. And if that’s the case, it is diabolical.

I also don’t know how I feel about it. That’s not true. I do. I don’t look at women as beneath men. Their equality is important; their rights just as valid. Women have suffered through some strange times in the past. The feminist movement took care of a lot of the bigotry toward women in the workplace and society in general. I also think that feminists have taken it too far. When women demand the right to join a club only for men because it isn’t fair, well, that’s just silly. It’s a men’s club. Why would a woman want to join it? Try turning that around. If you are a man, try joining Curves, or  the Girl Scouts. Try enrolling in an all girls school. I guess, some people aren’t happy unless they’re miserable and complaining. As if there isn’t enough real issues left in the world to worry about. Anyway…

Women are equal to men. I teach my children that. I believe that. However, it doesn’t mean that a woman can do everything that a man can do at the same standard of a man. It is why Special Forces will not be open to women. Why? Because the strength requirements are too much for women. That’s not bigotry. It’s anatomy. Yes, there are women out there that are stronger than some men; however, not every man is up to the standards of Navy SEALs or Green Berets. It’s an illogical argument to compare the strongest woman to the weakest man. This has nothing to do with intelligence, or emotions, but it has everything to do with physical ability. The movie GI Jane starring Demi Moore was a work of fiction and despite her saying that it wasn’t really all that hard, she did not go through the actual training that these killers go through everyday. She’s an actress and like a lot of the egos floating around Hollywood, she mistakenly thought that because they gave her a crash course on SEAL training that she could easily become a SEAL. She was delusional, to say the least.

Equality also doesn’t mean that a woman should do everything that a man can do. Fighting on the frontlines just might be one of them. Can women fight? Sure. We’ve seen it; we’ve read about it. But when our daughters start coming home in flag draped boxes at the rate that our sons do, our nation just might see the error in such a decision. I know I will. It is bad enough that mothers cry for their sons being sent to war. Now they will also cry for their daughters. The American woman is a national treasure and should be treated as such. Combat unit inclusion is not the way to do it. Unfortunately, the door has been opened and it will be impossible to shut again.

Note: It is true that women are already in combat zones; however, they are not part of frontline offenses, nor are they with combat units. Isn’t being in a combat zone enough?

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