A World of Contradictions

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” – Walt Whitman

I am in constant contradiction of myself. Ol’ Walt had the right idea, though. Just accept it. Our thoughts and beliefs change with experience. However, there are some contradictions in this world, particularly from our scientific and governing bodies, that are not acceptable.

In recent headlines, blatant contradictions are unchallenged. Maybe it’s because we see them so often that we now pay little attention to them. Hey, life is busy. We don’t have time to pick apart every little red flag thrown out. I understand. Nevertheless, if we do not challenge these little inconsistencies then they become mainstream thought and, therefore, accepted without question.

WARNING: If you are easily insulted by opposing views, critical thinking, and calling a spade a spade then I suggest that you stop reading right now. I mean to do more than ruffle a few feathers. I plan on plucking them out completely.

Now that I gave you fair warning, let the plucking begin.

Headline: Cleveland man could face aggravated murder charges for allegedly terminating pregnancies

At first glance, this headline gets a “Hell yeah!” from the public. After all, this monster kidnapped three young girls and held them captive for more than 10 years, sexually abusing, beating, and torturing them. He did this under the noses of his neighbors and his family. During the last decade, the monster impregnated one of the girls five times, then starved and beat her to terminate the pregnancies.  The District Attorney, in addition to the kidnapping and rape charges, has stated that he will seek charges for, “each act of aggravated murder he committed by terminating pregnancies.”

So, what’s the problem? If you haven’t guessed where I’m taking this yet, let me give you one hint, using only one word: abortion.

In my humble opinion, according to the laws of this land, killing a fetus is not a crime. The government has already made it perfectly clear that a fetus is not created equally and does not have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It isn’t a life. It is a choice.

But, Gary, the victim did not choose to have the pregnancy terminated, and, therefore, it is a crime.

Yes, you are correct. Then charge him with unlawfully terminating a pregnancy, if there is such a law. But, do not charge the monster with aggravated murder. He cannot logically be charged with aggravated murder, for how can one murder that which is not life to begin with? There are no murder victims. There is only a grieving mother-to-be. We, as a society, cannot have it both ways. Either a fetus is a human life or it is not.

Headline: No interest in the gym? It may be genetic

Congratulations fat and lazy people! You now have an excuse for your obesity and laziness. Just so it’s said, I do not think that all obese people are lazy; however, it’s a majority that are.

Yes, Geneticist Molly Bray has discovered a fat and lazy gene, or so she says. After a study that lasted ten years, she and other scientists on her team have pinpointed a genetic sequence that causes people to sit around and get fat. They are calling it the “couch potato gene”.

This is good news for people like me. I love sitting around and doing nothing. It’s so easy. Unfortunately, my life goes to hell if I do, so I don’t. However, now that I have a possible genetic reason to do so, maybe I can convince myself and my family that this is how God made me, that I was born this way, and it is unnatural for me to try and change it. This is me and they should accept me for who I am. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

But there is a kink in the armor. I’ve been thwarted by a geneticist, a mad scientist who, in my passionate opinion, speaks before thinking!

During the end of the study at the University of Alabama, subjects were told to train for 15 weeks. They were tested, measured, and interviewed. The common factor for those that wanted to quit the study was that the hardest part was just deciding to do it. A-ha! They have the gene! However, every subject continued on in the study and many are still exercising today. This, according to the findings, is proof you can fight and conquer your genes. Dammit!

Now, the contradiction is at hand. For years, we’ve been told about the “gay gene” and that homosexuals are born that way, that they have no choice in who they are, and that to suggest that a homosexual can change is naïve, intolerant, and ignorant. Maybe they’re right; maybe they’re wrong. I don’t know. I don’t care. I would only care if I had to constantly chase gay couples out of my garbage cans every morning. Since I don’t, it doesn’t concern me. There are more pressing issues in life than man love and scissor action. Raccoons, for example, are a problem. 

No, my problem isn’t with the homosexual community. My problem is with the scientific community. Which is it? Can we change who we are, or can’t we? If we can’t, then I’m going to stop going to the gym. Lifting heavy things is hard and it makes me stink. But, if we can change who we are, then I’ll keep up the hard work and continue improving myself. And while I’m at it, are eggs bad for you or are they not?

My guess is that this is all a bunch of nonsense created by people that aren’t smart enough to cure cancer in order to give them some sense of misguided accomplishment. Yeah, don’t cure the world of horrible diseases. Instead, tell the fat and lazy that it’s not their fault. Nice going Alabama.

These are two examples of unacceptable contradictions in our society. Where are the pro-choicers marching on the courthouse steps for Ariel Castro’s rights? Why isn’t the gay community parading down to Alabama for a rainbow reality check? I’ll tell you where they are. They’re home, making soup, watching their favorite television show like good Americans. Because we only speak up when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately, it’s usually too late when it does.


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