Top 10 Novels Everybody Should Read, part 2

Lists, love them or hate them, we still need them. Everybody tries to put together a summer reading list. Some of us actually do, while others never find the time. This is part two of my top 10. Read part one here.

flynn#5 Term Limits by Vince Flynn

Given our volatile political atmosphere, this novel written by the late Vince Flynn is a thrill ride of right and wrong. Which side are you on? Term Limits is about a group of assassins killing off unpopular politicians. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. This was Flynn’s first book. He self-published it because no one else would. After getting on the Minnesota Best Seller’s list, a publisher took notice. Duh! Get this book. It’s fun.

demille#4 Plum Island by Nelson DeMille

This is the book that introduced DeMille’s most popular character, John Corey. He created Corey because he was tired of seeing milky softback men as heroes in today’s novels. DeMille didn’t think anyone would like him. Well, he was wrong. Corey is a breath of fresh air.

Set in New York’s Suffolk County North Fork, Plum Island follows NYC Detective John Corey as he recovers from a bullet wound, courtesy of a couple of New York City thugs. While getting fat and drinking beer at his Uncle’s summer home, the local police chief talks him into helping investigate a double homicide involving scientist from the infamous Plum Island facility, an animal biological disease study center. What follows is both a surprise and absolute brilliance!

king#3 Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Yes, I know that I listed two King books (Top 10 Novels Everybody Should Read, part 1), but it can’t be helped. Bag of Bones inspired me to write my first novella, There is a Season. This novel is a beautiful piece of work by the master of horror. However, I don’t consider this book a horror story. Some may disagree, but I don’t care. This is a story about a man dealing with the loss of his wife, discovering new love, while coming to terms with his past. Throw in some King twists and turns and you have a wonderful read. Bag of Bones is easily my favorite Stephen King book.

gatsby#2 The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitgerald

Most of us read this in high school or college. Many of us read the Cliff Notes. The rest of us watched the Robert Redford movie. Today, you can do all that and watch a Leonardo Dicaprio film version with hip hop as the soundtrack. I recommend reading the book.

Everyone should read a Fitzgerald book and it might as well be The Great Gatsby. Though I don’t think it is his best work (I find his short stories much better), I do think it is worth the time. It’s a short read, a rather glossed over picture of the Jazz Age, but still entertaining.

hemingway#1 The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

If you know anything about me and have read this blog for sometime now, you already know that this is my favorite book of all time. Originally published in 1926, this is Hemingway’s first novel. It’s raw and in your face for the times. The writing is free of all the mumbo-jumbo and very direct. It’s a masterpiece.

The Sun Also Rises is the story of two young lovers that never take a chance with each other as they live the wild life in Paris and Spain after World War I. There’s a lot of drinking, snide remarks, cheating and lying, as well as some bullfighting. Everything a growing reader needs.

That’s it. That’s the list. Love it or hate it, makes no difference to me. However, as I’ve said before, read more books, regardless!

Honorable Mention

allisonThe Final Round by Gary W. Allison

I would be an idiot if I didn’t recommend my own novel. I think it’s pretty good and I think you will, too. This is the story of Billy Miske, a heavyweight prize-fighter in the 1920s. It’s based on a true story and filled with inspiring moments, exciting fight scenes, lying, cheating, and love and sacrifice. It’s an easy read. Check it out.

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  1. Great list of good books! this will able to help the readers to look for good books to read. this lists is helpful for the readers to have a good background in choosing books.

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