Explore the Figure with Art

10310619_1039796309404133_8290943215820727187_nIf you happen to find yourself in southeastern Michigan, around the Bloomfield Hills area, and have a hankering for some art, then I suggest a visit to the Janice Charach Gallery. Now until February 18, 2016, the gallery is presenting a collection of Detroit artists celebrating the human figure called Exploring the Figure.

There are some familiar names among the artists showing at the gallery. My favorites, Bowen Kline and Tony Roko are there, but I was elated to discover a new name among the collections that I had not heard before, as well. And that is always part of the experience when visiting a gallery.

Kline had a busy year in 2015 and it shows with his most recent works on display. Not only has he been keeping busy with portraits, something that he excels at, but he has revisited the nude, a practice that really set him apart from other artists early in his career. He has some breathtaking pieces at the exhibit that, I’m sure, will find a home rather quickly. Kline continues to push the boundaries of expression through his art, combining techniques and incorporating literature in his pieces. The experience can be a reflective moment and maybe even revolutionary, depending on where you are in life at that particular moment when looking at a Kline piece.

The exhibit includes paintings, sketchings, as well as photography from some of Detroit’s most exciting artist. And, of course, each work of art is for sale.

Now, you’re probably wondering who the new discovery was. I wasn’t going to leave you hanging. I don’t know much about this artist, but I really enjoyed the work. The artist goes by the name Slaw and I was drawn to every piece on display at the gallery. Such a vintage look, but so fresh, with zero irony. Simply put, I loved his work. Well worth the time and effort to go out to Janice Charach Gallery.


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