The Neutered Dogs of Society

Brass balls, balls of steel, big ones, they’re all gone. In fact, nobody has any balls anymore. You’ve been neutered by technology, by peer pressure, by industry standards, by political correctness, by pseudo-manners, by boundaries, by safe zones, by candy-shell egos and soft hearts. The world has kicked the sack of the last great bearer of balls and now you suffer. You suffer a milk-toast existence where no one takes chances.

You live mediocre lives, dredging out your being, nine to five, Monday through Friday, home in time for dinner and a show (primetime laugh tracks and editorial news), paying bills while hiding behind virtual selves on an imaginary planet fueled by fiber and bandwidth. You care less about the hot blood pumping through your veins and care more about the cold gigabytes streaming through your homes.

Tweets, statuses, selfies and snapchats, are today’s headline news for the faint of heart. The meme is a dullard’s propaganda and substance a waste of time. No one is a critic and everyone is a critic, but the criticism has no foundation. It’s meaningless and your words drown in the pouring rain, soaked with bitterness, disappointment and boredom. So, you play it safe and everyone you come in contact with plays it safe and nothing gets done, no great art, no great movements, no history, no future, no true love.

Having likes has taken precedence over admiration, real love, real friendship, real life. In an effort to connect, you’ve become more disconnected. You’ve become more opinionated in a virtual world that doesn’t care about opinions. You shout from your couches, but no one hears you. Real life passes by and you smile and wave to her, hoping she doesn’t stop to talk. And what about real life? She’s a bitch. She’s always been a bitch and she always will be. But she has to love you, because you love her. So, you walk on eggshells around her rather than forcing yourselves upon her, because that would be wrong. You are a neutered society, eunuchs no longer having the ability to create, to master, to live passionately. Woe to you oh lost tribes of the human race! Woe to your children, to your marriages, to your friendships, to your works, to your cultures, to your cities on hills and to the future! Ask not for whom the brass balls of history toll, they toll for thee.


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