Reviews are in for The Sinful

The official release date for my new book, The Sinful, is January 31st. But for those paying attention, there has been a soft release, and the reviews are in!

“In this novel, Allison is at his best when he turns his attention to the racial dynamics of the tale… a tension subtly plumbed.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Leroy Cutter could be the next Philip Marlowe or J.J. ‘Jake’ Gittes, but in a modern day setting.”

Amazon Reviewer

“It left me stunned with it’s surprising ending.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Mr. Cutter is a bit “sinful” himself, but an awesome character who kept me entertained and wanting more of his humor, grit, and surprisingly authentic heart.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I could not stop reading…”

Amazon Reviewer

“…you hope the author is writing a sequel.”

Amazon Reviewer

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