Now Available from Cajun Mutt Press

Looking for something a bit different in the way of poetry? It can’t always be crime and suspense. Pick up a copy of After the Fall, by my good friend William Teets. You won’t be disappointed. Unless you’re into poems about rainbows and flowers, then you’ll be very disappointed.

Cajun Mutt Press

After the Fall by William Teets is now available from Cajun Mutt Press!! If you grab a copy, please leave a review!

After the Fall is a poetry collection that offers resurrection for a damaged Americana-spirituality: Blues music and barrooms, whiskey and smoke, rivers and haunted highways, leather jackets, hoodies, and Sunday’s best. . . and worst. William Teets’ poetry navigates corrupted streets, turns dangerous corners, and worships in darkened alleys. All in an unending quest for absolution, salvation, and answers.

“I often toss The Paris Review across the room after reading their poetry selections, because I all too often long for poetry to mean something. Nothing is more frustrating than reading poetry that is merely meter, failing to explore anything except that which the poet sees. Subtext is a rarity in today’s modern poems, and I think it may have to do with the lack of life our poets…

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