I’m thrilled to share the cover art for The Sinful, coming January 10th, 2023. Stay tuned for more information on pre-ordering, giveaways, and much more.

A dark thriller with murder, political corruption, and a family’s dark secret, set in contemporary Detroit, The Sinful is an attractive read for fans of DeMille, Mosley, and Connelly. 

Leroy Cutter was a good cop on the wrong side of the blue line with a gambling problem and life code he couldn’t shake. Forced to retire early, Cutter works the streets of Detroit as a private investigator to make dock fees where he berths his houseboat. But he only takes the easy cases thanks to losing any ambition he had from living a lifetime of violence. When it seems he’ll never get anywhere in life beyond the Detroit River, Cutter takes a case involving a missing heiress from a wealthy Detroit family that appears to be big money for light work. However, nothing is as easy as it seems. He soon finds himself tossed into a sinister and politically corrupt world of sex, drugs, and murder. With a substantial gambling debt looming, he can’t just walk away, either. As he finally comes close to finding the missing girl, he discovers something darker than anything he could’ve ever imagined: a family’s use of scandalous desires to bring down a political dynasty.

Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 10/18/19

A little poem I wrote one night after a trip.

Cajun Mutt Press

157141455082588880Big Girls Cry

She steals the souls of babies
cooing cherry blossom bouquets

“Thick as thieves” she shouts
an observation from an orbited loon
beamed back to her one-eyed mind

Molehill to molehill
she’s an eighteen-wheeler on a
convoy coast to coast
hauling iPads and iPhones

See her when she smiles?
That’s when she’s happy
See her when she frowns?
That’s when she’s sad
Every emotion oozes from
cracks of broken nostalgia

She melts in your mouth, baby

Beam her up, Scotty

Her pride is a force too big for this world
Daddy never loved her
Momma sniffs the green
grass on the other side
Now she can’t follow through
on a slow ball pitch

What’s that in your teeth, sister?
I chipped my piano keys on a D flat
No more music for me

I should’ve never gone to Vegas
Those marriages never last
No point of return

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