Detroit Breakdown (TV pilot script)

I recently adapted my unpublished novel “Sins of Iniquity” into a television series, writing the pilot episode and bible for the show. And, of course, I’m hitting the market with it. One of the channels of marketing that I’m using is InkTip.

InkTip allows writers to load a script, synopsis, logline and resume then, in turn, gives access to producers. It has proven useful for many writers. So, on top of the query process, which can be daunting, I uploaded the pilot script and synopsis to InkTip. This morning, I received a email praising the script. Hopefully, it will turn into a deal. Here’s a portion of that email:

Hi Gary,

I just finished reading your pilot script, Detroit Breakdown. I absolutely love it!!! Really strong and interesting writing.

I started to read just the first few pages, but could not stop reading. Your dialogue feels real and it’s smart. I love the pace of the show and all the characters are three dimensional and interesting. DONNA and TRIXIE GOLDMAN are my favorite, love them both. DONNA’s dialogue and her character made me laugh out loud. I love her already.

Selling a screenplay is a long, and sometimes, frustrating process. It’s filled with ups and downs and sideways and corkscrews. One must have an iron stomach for such a career. That being said, I’m not hanging my hat on the email, but it’s always nice to receive such enthusiastic feedback about something that you’ve worked so hard on writing.

Four seasons are mapped out, thus far, and I’m currently writing episode two, as well as beefing the outline. I haven’t given up on the novel, though. It’s in the middle of a rewrite, but the meat of the book is there. It’ll be a race to see which comes to light first.

Producers that utilize the services of InkTip and are interested in viewing the script and synopsis can follow this link:

Who knows? Maybe this will be the one. Maybe you’ll be the one.

Updates and Junk

Yes, I’m still alive. My last post was five months ago and I’m sorry for the long wait, though it may not seem that long. It doesn’t for me. I’ve been busy and that’s a good thing.

I’m currently working on two rewrites for two new novels. I’m excited about them and can’t wait to put them in your hands. The first is titled Sins of Iniquity and the other is Bone Cay. They both feature a new reoccurring character, Leroy Cutter, a Detroit homicide detective hell bent on self destruction while trying to protect the city he loves, but often doesn’t love him back.  As it stands, Leroy will appear in four novels in total, but if all goes well, he may continue on. I guess it all depends on how well he is received.

There is a Season is out of print, but is available on as a subscription serial. I recommend dropping some pennies on Channillo. Not only do you get to read There is a Season, there are also some fine writers on the site producing great stories. One of my favorites is a series called A Touch of Noir. Check it out.

I’m often asked what’s happening on the movie front with The Final Round. Well, it’s a rollercoaster that I’m not really involved with and nor do I want to be. Investors come and go, producers come and go, but the core team is still going strong, so I’m told. The project is still alive. The movie business is a dark corner in a nightclub where shady deals are made. I prefer the dance floor. Until then, the book is still available. If you haven’t read The Final Round, then what are you waiting for? It’s a five star book written by a one a star man and it has a really cool cover. Seriously though, The Final Round is a fantastic read that might inspire a reader or two. Instead of handing out candy on Halloween, you can hand out copies of the book. It also makes a great Thanksgiving centerpiece and goes well with gravy. And, of course, there’s Hanukkah and Christmas. So many opportunities!

You can pick The Final Round up on Amazon in trade paperback or Kindle. Give it a read or, at the very least, buy it. As much as I enjoy hearing from people that have read the book, I enjoy even more the cha-ching of a purchase.

Finally, summer is over, fall is upon us, and soon winter will kill us. Enjoy it while it lasts. I will in my own way, which normally involves bourbon. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, as I move to rewrite mode, I’ll be a ghost, but be strong. I’ll be back toward the end of the year for my New Year perspective. Thanks for reading.

Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all that jazz.