A Polished Token: a poem

A Polished Token
By Gary W. Allison

West of the rising sun
My future, shining on
My life, just a con
California, full of fun

Playing a game
One in a hundred win
I could be wrong
Probably a million

A rundown motel
Hollywood high noon
An old woman whistles
A forgotten show tune

Driving wealth and fame
A brush with a great one
It’s just the same
California, full of fun

Write on, right on
One in a hundred win
I know I’m wrong
It’s one in a million

Getting a break
Or getting broken
Life is at stake
Fame a polished token

Write on, right on
East of the setting sun
My life, just a con
California, full of fun

The Final Round Cover

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The Final Round

Between The Pages

There is a Season

There’s a new site promoting my novella, There is a Season. It gives a little more insight into the writing of the book and also allows readers to leave reviews.

Yes, I’m taking the time to blatantly promote my work on my blog. Apparently, that’s bad form. But like my golf coach used to say, “You have bad form, Gary, but you sure can drive the hell out of that ball.”

Check it out.

Learn more more about my novella, There is a Season, and if you read it, leave a review. Otherwise, buy it!