An Excerpt from The Sinful

An excerpt from The Sinful, the 1st novel in the Leroy Cutter series, now available on Amazon.

Here we meet a mob enforcer named Big Moe as he encourages Cutter to meet with his boss.

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His name is Moe something-or-other. I never remember his last name. His friends call him Big Moe, but he’s not in the habit of making friends. He wore a shiny, double-breasted suit, absurdly overdressed for a day on the water. He stood a head taller than me and an easy hundred pounds more in weight. His hair was thick and wavy, black as night. He had to be nearing forty but looked as if he lived a lifetime already. Big Moe glared down at me and grinned.

“Put some pants on,” he said. “Mr. Deliberti would like to see you.”

I sat down in the captain’s chair and tried to appear casual in my underwear.

“Coffee?” I asked.

He took a step closer, an impatient man.

“Now,” he said.

“Well, I’ll have to brew it. Take a few minutes.”

Big Moe reached down and grabbed me by my neck and lifted me off the chair.

“He wants to see you now.”

“Be cool, man. Is he here?”

“I’ll drive you.”

He let go of me and I fell back into the chair.

“I’ll follow,” I said.

“I’ll drive.”

A man of few words, but as subtle as a dancing pig in a library, Big Moe stood his ground. I grudgingly squeezed by him to get to the lower deck.

He gave me a few minutes to splash cold water on my face and put on a pair of jeans and plain white T-shirt piled near my bed. The same clothes I had worn the night before. I noticed they smelled faintly of fish as I slipped on a pair of docksiders, grabbed my wallet, and walked out the door on my way to meet with Mr. Dino Deliberti.